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I originally Saw Clare 2008, at a spa, I had treatments for a year and then decided to have them on my day off at home.
Can I say you are a credit to your team, I feel great for work, sleep better and good mental health.
Send Medispa a message you be glad you did.

Payton Hillman

I am in a highly pressurized job, where sometimes I suffer with really bad migranes, from the first appointment, I have felt better and no pain killers anymore, the team is a credit and they come and see you at home or work if your employer Allows, Luckily ours encourages therapies in the work place to enhance our productivity and Personal Health.

Jessie Brown

I contacted Medispa about WATSU, a form of hydrotherapy, wanting to try, they explained there is a call for it, yet warm pools were in high demand.  However very shortly, I was booked in for lunchtime slot..
I must say you are a credit to what you do, I was due an operation, not only was I calmer prior, I also recovered faster with hydrotherapy. Totally unique, special treatment that there are not enough words to describe how you feel during and after.
Must try

Avery Smith

First Time I ever had a massage, just wow should of tried it sooner, The therapist explained the treatment and how I would feel and even asked me if I liked the pressure.  No back ache & Smiling, This will be a regular booking for myself and my partner.

Kris Michaels

I had a trapped Sciatica and was struggling to walk unaided, easy to book online, he therapist was a delight & helped to release the nerve endings, Also they explained it may take a few sessions depending on how long this has been going on. Guess what no more pain killers

Definitely recommended my neighbors

Frankie Bolder

I wanted myself and my staff to have a treatment once a month, we sit at desks all day and our backs become sore, So the therapist came to our work and we made a spare room our treatment come relaxation room, great for staff morale and reduces staff absences.

Quinn Davis

What can I say Marvelous, just great, I feel better simply amazing, I was suffering for over a year with my shoulder and could not sleep and was affecting my daily and work life, The therapist just seemed to guide or glide their hands over the knots and heard some cracks and I had freedom  in movement in the arms .
highly recommended.

Sandy Williams

I am the shy type and do not like being exposed which is why I not been to a spa or centre, however the therapist was so lovely I felt relaxed in their care, try an aromatherapy and feel the difference.

Casey Johnson

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