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Learning to heal without chemicals Aromatherapy

Did you know that during World war 1, Rosemary and tea tree essential oils were used in hospitals for their Antiseptic effect.

When using essential oils it is important to use pure organic oils, and not shop bought fragrance oils as these are not natural and synthetic and can cause a reaction.

Where as within essential oils nearly every single one has no adverse effects, except conditions of use such in pregnancy, However if you have used oils for Years topically on the skin or orally your body will be used to the potent beneficial effects.

An Aromatherapist basically is someone whom qualified to mix and blend various oils, and using our olfactory system and cilia in the nose (fine hairs) we can detect what compliments each other, smells delightful and which ones will work on which physical, mental or emotional issues you may have.

There are so many Books and blogs and posts about Aromatherapy, that many are choosing oils rather than pain killers. Antispasmodic effects, and improving Digestive conditions, Our therapist can blend an oil for many different conditions.

The beauty of the oils are they are great for the bath, pillows to aid sleep, or in steamers and to use as perfume alternative.

Once you use in massage the essential oil will soak into the skin the largest organ, through to the blood stream and into the white blood cells, thus helping to ease conditions, we are part of nature, earth so it seems logical to use the essences of the earth to help ease any systems.

Look at the root cause to the effect, by using massage this is a great way to relax and allow the oils to do their work.

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