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Pamper Party for 2,4,6 persons +

Fancy doing something a little different, yet you want your guests to feel relaxed pampered and rejunvinated book online a Pamper party to help with you hosting yours.

We will turn up 15 mins prior to the booking to set up the therapy bed.

We have done many different types however sometimes they can overrun, or take too long so we decided not to do nails or full-body massages you simply have a party going on for hours.

  • You may want to use it as a treat for family,

  • A girly night in

  • Thank you to staff for the work and effort they done and have it at work or after.

  • Celebration of some kind

  • Or you like to have a few drinks and have something to compliment your day or evening.

Instructions simply go to the treatment section and pick if you want a 2 or 4 or 6 person party, each mini lymph massage is 20 mins rather than full 30 mins that allowing everyone to have a good taster session and enjoy their treatment.

Your guests will be glowing in their faces and relaxed after.

Lymphatic massage with or without essential oils. This treatment helps remove toxins, bacteria, and viruses by draining the Lymph to the node areas around your face.

A Massage therapist understands where they are surrounding your face and how to massage the areas of the face, and neck.

Aesthetic benefits

Improves the appearance of the skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and eyes.

Treatment is ultimately relaxing even in as little as 5 minutes within many people just want to fall asleep, we use a range of light pressure, gentle movements, tapping, and strokes.

Book online choose the size of your group.

If you have any questions prior to booking please message us.

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